Recent Facebook Breach- Privacy At Stake!

Social networking sites are a type of online communities that have grown tremendously in popularity over the past years. Social networking offers a new, easy and an inexpensive way to maintain already existing relationships and present oneself to others. However, the increasing number of actions in online services also gives a rise to privacy concerns and risks. And it is very saddening to hear that 50 million Facebook users were exposed after a recent security breach by unknown hackers.The hackers exploited a vulnerability in the code of the View As feature which further allowed them to steal Facebook access tokens which are equivalent to that of a digital key. It gave them the direct access to people’s accounts. In absolutely no attempt of understanding the importance of “awareness of privacy”, users tend to share a considerable amount of private information. Contrary to their own belief, they are not too well aware of Facebook’s privacy policies and also visibility of their information to people they do not necessarily know. Hence leading to avenues of breach and causing loss of protected data. Let’s respect the current demand of an hour and spread vigilance about this.

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