I have over 15 years of working experience in IT industry and have worked at different levels from System admin to SME and as Team Lead. As my technical skills revolve around Linux, UNIX (AIX) and AWS, I decided to take a leap in my career and learn BigData. My quest to learn brought me to Mr. Manoj Kukreja and I can say with confidence that his skills, both soft and technical, and his way of delivering the knowledge can make you from zero to hero in Hadoop provided that you follow strictly his guidelines. The learning environment was both book and hands on and Mr. Kukreja was always open to any question and won't stop explaining the concepts until they are well understood. Whoever wants to learn Hadoop, I would definitely recommend to take his guidance in this regard as I do to my own colleagues and friends.

Faisal Daud Senior AIX & Hadoop Consultant September 4, 2018

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